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Jen Hawes-Hewitt

Global Cities Lead, Accenture

Jen is a long-time strategy consultant and a founding member of the Global Cities practice within Accenture. She invests her time in understanding what makes cities tick and how new technologies, particularly big data and analytics, can help cities to overcome their many challenges, cultivate their digital economy and become vibrant and sustainable places to live, work and play. Jen works with leading cities on digital transformation. She has completed several digital city masterplans and collaborated on projects with the Professor Ratti of MIT’s Senseable Cities Lab. In 20011, she co-authored “Information Marketplaces: The New Economics of Cities”. She has supported the World Economic Forum’s, Future of Urban Development programme and the British Standards Institute’s development of a Smart City Framework. In December 2014, she contributed a speech to the UK Government’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Smart Cities, entitled “The Role of Cities in the Information Age”.

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