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Michael Kelly

Digital Lead, Revenue Industry, Global Accenture

Michael has spent three decades helping commercial and government clients find value. Currently he serves as the Digital Lead for Accenture’s Global Revenue Industry team, in which capacity he leads digital engagements with revenue agencies from around the world. Michael’s work with revenue agencies is focused on transforming the taxpayer experience and enhancing organizational capabilities to drive voluntary tax compliance.

Michael has extensive expertise in creating digital transformation strategies, as well as in service design, web content management, CRM, and many forms of marketing, for both government and commercial sector clients. His commercial experience helps him to help revenue agencies, as he is often able to see old problems with new eyes and encourage fearless innovation. He is an avid tech enthusiast with a keen focus on the convergence of our digital and physical lives.

Michael holds a degree in Business Administration and Finance from Marquette University in Wisconsin.

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