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Tracey Poole

Senior Manager, North America Pension Practice

Tracey leads Growth and Strategy for Accenture’s North America Pension Practice. Having spent her career challenging the organizations she worked at and her clients to continue to evolve and disrupt the status quo, she brings a unique and multidimensional perspective to apply innovative ideas and drive business transformation, operational effectiveness and engagement across stakeholder groups within the practice and with our client organizations through collaboration and co-creation.
The human-centered approach to design is something she has intuitively applied throughout her career, but now at Accenture, she is leveraging proven tools of the platform to hone her skills as a Design Thinking Practitioner. These methods and approaches to solving, from the most simple to the most complex challenges, continue to exceed stakeholder expectations and deliver residual value in the way of establishing a common understanding and empathy among participants, increased engagement and an openness to change based on inclusion and diversity.
Tracey’s motto: "Today I will do things others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can't." ― Jerry Rice

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